Our Process

The Right Prep

<  Most powder-coaters would send these three parts through the same prep process because they only have and only know one way to prep your parts. And that would mean problems for your parts.

Our first step is to “read” your parts to determine what prep process your parts need. The three parts shown in the photo above require three different prep processes. Because of our years of knowledge and experience, we know what prep process works on what metal conditions. “We prep it right before we coat” is not just our slogan - it’s what we do every day.
​​Multiple Prep Methods

We use Media Blasting and Wash/Phosphate System methods to achieve the best preparation for your parts.
Media Blasting

Our blast room has the capacity to handle all your large parts.
Wash/Phosphate System

Our automated six-stage wash system prepares your parts for coating.